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Bookroom Booster Packs add an infusion of excitement and teacher support to any current bookroom collection with a combination of fresh, relevant, and expertly leveled texts that challenge students at all reading levels.

Bookroom Booster Packs are designed to:

  • Improve teacher mastery with point-of-use best practices.
  • Make guided reading groups more effective.
  • Provide access to authentic, relevant titles across reading levels K-5.
  • Expose children to a wide variety of genres and text types.


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Why boost your bookroom?

As your bookroom collection ages, it's important to keep it up-to-date with fresh, relevant titles that continue to keep your students challenged and your teachers fully suported.

Our Bookroom Booster Packs help you keep up with appetites of growing readers with:

  • High-quality nonfiction texts.
  • A wide variety of text types.
  • Explicit teacher support embedded in every title.

What pack do I need?

Every bookroom-ready pack includes a robust lesson that provides:

  • Basic details such as reading level, word count, and genre.
  • Explicit instruction for before, during, and after reading.
  • Support for differentiation, writing, and extending learning.


Teacher Support Booster Packs

Infuse new life into your existing bookroom and keep your teachers fully supported with the Teacher Support Booster. All 120 titles include unique ThinkLinks™ Panels that provide point-of-use guidance right on the page.

Nonfiction Booster Packs

Engage your students with the captivating texts included in the Nonfiction Booster. With a total of 88 titles, this booster combines informational texts from our widely popular Key Links Literacy series and our newest collection of inFact readers.

Peer Reading Booster Packs

Bridge the gap from small-group guided reading to successful reading independence with our Peer Reading Booster. This collection of 56 peer reading titles makes reading collaborative and gives fluent readers an opportunity to take on more ownership for their learning.

Writing Booster Packs

Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. That’s why students need experience with stories written from all perspectives. Our Writing Booster Packs introduce readers to a wide variety of text types and genres with writing exemplars that span 128 titles.


With hundreds of awe-inspiring texts to choose from, you can fill any gaps in your existing bookroom with the exact genres and levels that you want and need. Our Select-a-Pack options allows you to pick the titles you love the most!

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