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DIG Oral Language and Vocabulary

DIG's oral language instruction is the next big thing for building language in Pre-K. That's because by age 3, children may already experience significant gaps in their exposure to language, some by as many as 30 million words. 

Carefully balanced to include intentional learning, robust vocabulary, and playful activities, our DIG Oral Language and Vocabulary kit helps Pre-K teachers bring words to life in the classroom, no matter what curriculum they're using.

DIG Oral Language and Vocabulary  is designed with:

  • Two manageable 10-minute lessons each day, which can be taught together or separately.
  • Theme-based focus questions that spark conversation in creative, yet focused ways.
  • Engaging materials such as oversized wall charts and interactive action rhymes by Dr. Jean Feldman.
  • Rich vocabulary and Wow Words of the Day, presented in a developmentally appropriate way.



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How does it work?

Through the power of play, DIG Oral Language and Vocabulary draws children in and motivates them to use new words, but lessons don't stop there. This complete classroom kit keeps the momentum going with multiple activities each day that lead little learners toward kinder-readiness.

Lessons fit manageably into any existing curriculum with two 10-minute lessons each day, which can be taught together or separately.

Theme Talk

Each day, children build and practice oral language skills through relatable, theme-based conversations that are sparked by weekly focus questions and supported by engaging, hands-on materials such as Theme Anchor Charts and Action Rhymes.

Wow Word of the Day

Children's oral language skills are expanded by learning one new robust vocabulary word every day. Instruction for each of DIG's 160 Wow Words is supported by large format photo cards, Wowband bracelets, and lots of opportunities to use the word in context.


Key Features

Our new DIG Oral Language and Vocabulary Kit gives you an affordable way to enhance your existing curriculum.

Vocabulary Cards

Vocabulary Cards and Wowbands

160 large, informative photos and kid-friendly definitions make vocabulary concrete for little learners! Activities ask children to "be the word" through physical, hands-on experiences.

Action Rhymes Flip Chart

Action Rhymes Flip Chart and CD with Dr. Jean

This large-format flip chart contains a collection of theme-related action rhymes, songs, and chants. The built-in easel and guidance from Dr. Jean on the flip side of each page make it a must-have in every Pre-K classroom.

Theme Anchor Chart

Theme Anchor Charts

8 larger-than-life (48"x36") wall charts depict in-depth scenes that connect to weekly Focus Questions and stimulate oral language development through the use of key vocabulary words.

Teacher Guide

Teacher's Guide

A thematically organized Teacher's Guide devotes one page to each lesson and includes focus questions, a Wow Word of the day, and instruction for using newly acquired language.

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