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DIG: Develop. Inspire. Grow.™

DIG Letter People Games

DIG Letter People Games are digital games for early childhood learners

Repeated, varied, and systematic exposure to new concepts is the key to helping little learners master big skills. That's why we created DIG Letter People Games.

More than just "fun activities"—DIG Letter People Games reinforce and lock in foundational literacy skills in an engaging and adaptive way.

Designed with:

  • Essential foundational literacy skills for Pre-K leraners.
  • Playful learning games and tools that make abstract concepts concrete.
  • Built-in progress monitoring that informs and unlocks each step.
  • Spiraling review, based on each student's individual score.
  • Options for guided practice or free-play.
  • Functionality for iPads, whiteboards, and classroom computers.
DIG Letter People Games

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DIG: Develop. Inspire. Grow.™
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