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DIG Literacy

For the last 50 years, The Letter People have played an instrumental role in helping Pre-K children across the nation develop foundational literacy skills such as oral langauge, phonological and phonemic awareness, alphabetic knowledge, concepts of print, and comprehension.

By presenting these skills through a unique social-emotional perspective, DIG Literacy  makes abstract literacy concepts more concrete, meaningful, and memorable. With flexible and bite-sized instruction, DIG Literacy  easily bolsters literacy learning in the classroom, no matter what core curriculum is in place.

DIG Literacy is designed with:

  • One manageable 20-minute whole-group lesson.
  • Optional learning centers and small-group instruction.
  • Engaging stories and songs featuring The Letter People
  • Developmental sequences for phonological and phonemic awareness, alphabetic knowldge, and concepts of print.
  • Explicit guidance for scaffolding oral language development and comprehension in developmentally appropriate ways.
  • Theme-based focus questions that spark conversation and provide opportunities to build language authentically.
  • Real-life, social-emotional scenarios and opportunities to role play.


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How does it work?

With the help of The Letter People, DIG Literacy  brings research-based best literacy practices to life in the Pre-K classroom in fun and powerful ways. Through its predictable and manageable 5-day routine, DIG Literacy  makes it easy to supplement any existing core curriculum.

And it only takes 20 minutes a day!

Literacy Circle

During this 20-minute circle time, children particpate in an engaging whole-group lesson that features a wide-variety of hands-on activities all designed to build foundational literacy skills. Each week of spiraling instruction follows the same predictable routine and builds on the skills of the previous week through reading aloud, listening to songs, developing specific phonological awareness skills, playing with language, exploring letters and their sounds, linking vocabulary and comprehension, and writing together.

Small Group

Optional small group lessons allow the teacher to monitor and reinforce learning for students who need more support. These explicit lessons support teachers in delivering targeted instruction, and feature fun and engaging activities such as drawing, rhyming, playing with letters and their sounds, creating class books, and practiciting concepts of print with carefully crafted student readers. 


Key Features

Did you invest a lot in your existing core curriculum only to discover that it has instructional gaps?

Our new DIG Literacy  kit gives you an affordable way to bolster literacy learning and ensure that all children are fully prepared for kindergarten.

Meet Ms. P

The Letter People

These 26 cute and cuddly hand-puppets feature memorable personalities and unique characteristics that make learning letters and sounds more concrete. Songs, strories, and real-life social-emotional scenarios bring each of these learning companions to life in the classroom.

Pointy Patches are for Me! Big Book

Big Books and Student Readers

This full collection of 26 colorful big books and 30 student-sized rebus books supports teachers as they model positive reading behaviors, build active listening and comprehension skills, and develop discrete phonemic awareness skills and critical concepts of print.

The Letter People Flip Chart

The Letter People Flip Chart

This large-format flip chart with built-in easel introduces each Letter Person and builds social-emotional skills by depicting Letter People friends working through real-life interpersonal scenarios.

Teacher Guides

Teacher's Guide

Thematically organized Teacher's Guides devote one page to each Literacy Circle lesson and provide optional learning center ideas and small-group instruction for each week of the program.

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