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inFact  is an all-new collection of high-interest books that intrigue, involve, and inspire students to be better readers as they learn about the world.

More than just dazzling, inFact Readers  are leveled to put students on a continuum of progress. And, teacher lessons offer guidance and explicit instruction while in-book support helps bring learning home.

inFact Readers  are designed with:

  • 104 stunning titles spanning grades K-5
  • A wide variety of compelling topics
  • Beautiful, eye-popping images
  • Authentic authorship
  • Stages for continuous growth
  • A powerful mix of text types
  • Explicit lesson plans
  • In-book support for reading at home


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Key Benefits

Compared to fiction, nonfiction develops better analytical thinking, informational reading skills, background knowledge, and vocabulary acquisition.
But what many don’t realize is that students also find informational texts more motivating to read and share with their peers. 

inFact Readers combine breathtaking artwork, stunning photography, and captivating nonfiction stories that take readers beyond just “fact finding.” 

Nonfiction Selection

Engage students in fresh, high-interest texts with inFact's nonfiction selection! These nonfiction texts provide K-5 students with important critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills necessary for later reading success. 

Narrative Nonfiction

Whether you call it narrative nonfiction, creative nonfiction, or fact-based storytelling, this powerful new style of informational text makes inFact Readers more unique and captivating for young readers than normal, dry nonfiction!

Just the Right Level

inFact readers are organized along six reading stages that support learning across grades K-5. From stage to stage, texts gradually increase in complexity, ensuring that readers are fully supported as they strive to reach new literacy goals. 

Inform. Intrigue. Inspire.

inFact Readers are designed to spark student thinking before, during, and after reading, by offering compelling real-world topics, in-book prompts that deepen comprehension, and additional lessons that ask rich, higher-order questions and provide instruction in critical reading skills and strategies.

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