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Key Links Literacy: Guided Readers

Key Links Literacy Guided Readers  are authored by literacy expert and children's author, Jill Eggleton, and provide the perfect vehicle to drive students towards higher-order thinking, comprehension, application of skills, and retention of knowledge.

Key Links Literacy Guided Readers are designed with:

  • 212 unique titles spanning grades K-5.
  • ThinkLinks™ prompts on every page of every book.
  • Higher-order questions that serve as examples for teachers.
  • Thought-provoking informational topics and humorous fiction texts.
  • Ideas for peer collaboration in talking and writing.
  • In-depth Writer’s Craft ideas in levels silver and above.


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Key Features

The use of precisely leveled, authentic texts — coupled with rigorous, focused instruction— make Key Links Literacy Guided Readers  a powerful tool for leading students towards independence in reading.

Key Links Literacy Guided ReadersQuality, Authentic Texts

Quality, authentic texts maintain students’ attention and yield richer, deeper thinking. In order to practice higher-order thinking and questioning, emergent, early, and fluent readers each need a vast collection of rich, engaging texts designed to help them meet specific goals.

Key Links Literacy Guided ReadersGradual Progression of Difficulty

Each title within Key Links Literacy Guided Readers  is creatively written, but also carefully designed. Smart, precise leveling and sequencing ensures that each book builds on skills introduced in previous titles. Gradual progression of difficulty helps students build on newly acquired skills and apply them to new and different forms of text. No monkey business here!

Key Links Literacy Guided ReadersGoing Bee-yond Good

Key Links Literacy Guided Readers  establish the skills necessary to become not only a good reader, but a great thinker. With the right support and scaffolding, what starts out as basic fluency and understanding of the text can transform a good reader into a great 21st century thinker.

Key Links Literacy Guided ReadersThinkLinks™ Panels

The key to a great guided reading lesson is powerful questioning, but coming up with the right questions for every guided reading lesson can be a mammoth task. ThinkLinks™ Panels, located on every page of every Guided Reader, scaffold small-group instruction with critical thinking and support and structure for every step of the guided reading lesson.

  • Preview / View panels guide students through their first reading, building their strategies for making meaning from the text.
  • Reading Review zoom in on key elements of the text to reinforce comprehension strategies, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills.
  • Writing Review panels focus readers’ attention on the features, techniques, and structures used by good writers—in preparation for their own writing (Fluency and Upper Fluency levels only).

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