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The Letter People Puppets

Make a friend…and make the connection.

When was the last time you had a conversation with a puppet? It’s been awhile, right? Unlike our adult brains, the brains of young children are fueled by imagination.Their friends come in all shapes and sizes, and many of them are not exactly…real. That’s why we created the Letter People Puppets and a wide variety of Puppet Packs.

More than fabric and thread, these kid-friendly, kid-durable, cute and quirky Letter People Puppets are good friends, language buddies, and learning pals. Children of all ages form an immediate connection with the Letter People. They want to learn all about their new friends, and when they do, they are also learning letter names, letter sounds, and a wide variety of oral language skills. Children simply love the Letter People. And so will you.

  • Puppets create an emotional connection that promotes active learning
  • Capital letters, lowercase letters, and hidden letters reinforce letter recognition
  • Special characteristics help children associate each letter with its spoken sound
  • Supports phonological awareness and letter-sound correspondence
  • Washable and sturdy

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