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Restock and Renew

When they've hugged ’em and squeezed ’em and loved ’em...and even called them George.

Your students will always love their favorite Letter Person, no matter what its condition. But let’s face it: shiny new objects command attention, exploration, and excitement. Have your children loved Mr. N’s nose a little too much? Do you need to fill the gaps in your big book collection? You can refresh your set with individual Letter People products and display them proudly (right beside any old favorites, of course).


Make sure your students have all the consumable materials they need to keep on learning with the Letter People.


Activity Books

Take-Home Books



Meeting & Greeting Cards


Keep your online subscriptions and Letter People programs up to date with these genuine replacement parts.


Online Licenses & Subscriptions

Letter People Puppets

Big Books & Student Editions

"Me" Bags

Letter People Portrait Cards

Letter People CDs

Not seeing what you need?

Individual components are also sold separately on all of the Letter People program pages.

Individual Components

The Letter People - Let's Write Handwriting Practice Book

Land of the Letter People®

Let's Write Handwriting Practice Book