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Land of the Letter People®

Starter Set

A Kindergarten Curriculum – for All Day, Every Day! This comprehensive, thematically organized kindergarten program successfully immerses children in reading and writing. Explicit, organized, and easy to implement, Land of the Letter People aligns to Common Core State Standards and focuses on: phonemic awareness and phonics; personal and social development; and conflict resolution. Rich in literacy, this program features storybooks, big and little books, trade books, and more.


Included in the Starter Set:

  • Teacher resource file
  • 26 Letter People puppets
  • Profiles of the Letter People
  • The Letter People Meeting and Greeting Cards (30 sets of 26 cards)
  • Learn About Booklets (30 sets of 26)
  • The Letter People Songs CD
  • Prove It and Letterlight Songs CD
  • Song Charts
  • Everyday Word Cards


Starter Set

Included Products

Title ISBN SKU Price
Land of the Letter People®
Learn About Booklets (30-Pack)
9780766503922 087811 $159.00
The Letter People®
Meeting and Greeting Cards (25-Pack)
9780766502383 087500 $99.00
Land of the Letter People®
LetterLight Songs and Prove-It Songs CD
9780766502451 087304 $19.00
The Letter People®
Complete Puppet Set
9780766514263 081012 $599.00
The Letter People®
Everyday Word Cards
9780766502871 081612 $44.00
Land of the Letter People®
Teacher Resource File
9780766503540 087900 $625.00
Land of the Letter People®
Song Charts
9780766500280 081310 $95.00